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Woodcut of a witch trial

Mowat,Elspeth (7/8/1661)

Trial process details

Associated case Mowat,Elspeth  (1661)
Trial process type Central

Linked trials

Pogavie,Agnes  (trial date 7/8/1661)

Pre-trial central actions

Pre-trial local actions


Date Place Location
29/7/1661 Libberton

Other information

Action dropped Yes  - 7/8/1661
Action dropped by (body)High Court

Pre-trial notes

She is listed in a draft dittay with 12 other suspects, with the date 7/8/1661 on it. Unlcear why she didn't proceed to trial?

Trial phase

Trial date7/8/1661
Place of trial - settlementEdinburgh
General trial notesThe justice found that the confession was not compelling. She changed it to say that if she met the Devil it was all in a dream. The charges were dropped.

Post-trial phase