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Woodcut of a witch trial

Finnie,Agnes (18/12/1644)

Trial process details

Associated case Finnie,Agnes  (1645)
Trial process type Central

Pre-trial central actions


Complaint exists Complaint type Date Where lodged Made by family member Made by other person
Yes Suspect's 6/11/1644 Privy Council () ()


Date Prison Location
7/1644 Tolbooth Edinburgh

Pre-trial local actions


Denunciation exists Date Text
Yes 8/7/1644

Requests for commission

Appeal exists People Central authority Reason Date

Other information

Arrest Yes

Pre-trial notes

she lodged a complaint against Harry Moreisoun at the potterrow port for falsely accusing her. The Privy Council ordered him and the bailie and provost of Edinburgh to compear before the council 12/11/1644. 9 and 11 Nov, 1644 all the bailies and the provost of Edinburgh pluss Harry received their summons.

Trial phase

Trial date18/12/1644
Location of trialTolbooth
Place of trial - settlementEdinburgh
Order for central justiciary trialYes
General trial notesCourt met first on 11/12/1644 but was postponed because the defence advocates had not yet spoken to Finnie. Complicated legal resoning and defence pleadings. The assize was in the court room clamoring the day before being sworn in. Trial lasted 2 days. The assize called witnesses extra judicially. Jury deliberated till 8/2/1645.

People involved with trial

Name Involvement
Jean Bodin Demonologist
Alexander Colville Expert Witness
John Dickson Chancellor
Patrick Henderson Expert Witness
Thomas Hope Prosecutor
Mungo Law Prosecutor
John Lawtie Defence advocate
MacClure Expert Witness
Moses Cited authority
John Nisbet Defence advocate
John Oliphant Prosecutor
Ormlandis Cited authority
William Perkins Demonologist
Sibbet Expert Witness
Patrick Trotter Expert Witness

Post-trial phase

Execution methodStrangle & Burn
Execution date6/3/1645
Execution locationCastle Hill

Other named witches

Alexander Drummond
Margaret Wallace
Isobell Young