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Woodcut of a witch trial

Naismith,Agnes (12/5/1697)

Trial process details

Associated case Naismith,Agnes  (1697)
Trial process type Mixed central/local

Pre-trial central actions


Commissioning body Commission type Date Notes
Privy Council Justiciary 19/3/1697 text in JC10/4, and PC1/51

Pre-trial local actions


Date Prison Location
Tolbooth Renfrew
15/4/1697 Tolbooth Glasgow
12/5/1697 Tolbooth Renfrew


Ordeal exists Date Type
Yes Pricking

Other information

Pre-trial notes

The commission was read out on 18/3/1697 in the burgh of Renfrew, but the trial eventually took place in Paisley.This case was under a PC commission (see PC1/51 p. 136-9) along with most of the people tried at the same time. There were other Renfrewshire witchcraft suspects tried at different places and times. I am keeping this as a mixed/central local because the Privy Council maintained very strict control over the proceedings, even though they granted a commission. For details of the proceedings of Privy Council in this matter see the no named witches case c/la/3235.

Trial phase

Trial date12/5/1697
Place of trial - parishP/ST/1328
Place of trial - presbyteryPaisley
Place of trial - countyRenfrew
General trial notesTrial started on 13/4/1697 but was continued until 12/5/1697 and lasted until 19/5/1697.

People involved with trial

Name Involvement
Matthew Brisbane Expert Witness
James Crawford Chancellor
Francis Grant Prosecutor
John Menzies Prosecutor
James Roberton Defence
James Stewart Prosecutor

Post-trial phase

Execution methodStrangle & Burn
Execution date10/6/1697
Execution locationGallow Green
Execution place - parishPaisley
Execution place - countyRenfrew
Post-trial notesbetween 2-4

Other named witches

Issobell Lachlane
Janet Waugh