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Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database

Survey of Scottish Witchcraft
Scottish History, School of History and Classics, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Woodcut of a witch trial

Download full database

The full survey database (Microsoft Access 97 format, 8.5Mb) is available for researchers wishing to carry out more detailed queries and analysis. The database is accompanied by instructions for use, a description of the database (design, structure and concepts), list of fields and descriptions, reference table descriptions, methodology, bibliography and provenance of data. The project members are under no obligation to help you understand the data or the database.

Terms of Use

This data is being made available for your use, free of charge. However, the data itself and the database structure remains under copyright to the authors. This requires that full citation of the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft be given for any use of the data leading to a publication. This includes use of information provided in the database, queries produced using the database, or references collected from the database. Please use normal citation conventions for websites. We suggest:

Julian Goodare, Lauren Martin, Joyce Miller and Louise Yeoman, 'The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft', (archived January 2003, accessed '[your date]').

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