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Thomas Hope

Personal details

Last nameHope
First nameThomas
Other detailsknight baronet
TitleSir of Craighall
OfficeLord's Advocate
NotesInvolved in cases and trials in 1628-34, 1643 and 1645.

Cases involved in

Case Involvement
Drummond,Alexander 11/7/1629 Investigator
Hog,Jon 26/11/1629 Investigator
Neill,Jon 2/4/1631 Commissioner
Nicolsone,Margaret 26/11/1629 Investigator
Nisbet,Alisone 4/8/1632 Commissioner
Samuelston (Home) 10/6/1630 Commissioner
Schitlingtoun,Jonet 9/10/1628 Commissioner
Smith,John 13/7/1631 Commissioner
Unes,Margaret 9/10/1628 Commissioner
Wilson,Katherine 5/7/1631 Commissioner
Young,Isobell 5/2/1629 Commissioner

Trials involved in

Trial Involvement
Barker,Jonet  (trial date 29/12/1643) Prosecutor
Bathgate,Elizabeth  (trial date 4/6/1634) Prosecutor
Brughe,Johnne  (trial date 24/11/1643) Prosecutor
Carlipis,Thomas  (trial date 11/1/1633) Prosecutor
Clerk,Helene  (trial date 29/3/1645) Prosecutor
Colquhoun,Johnne  (trial date 11/1/1633) Prosecutor
Drummond,Alexander  (trial date 3/7/1629) Prosecutor
Finnie,Agnes  (trial date 18/12/1644) Prosecutor
Lauder,Margaret  (trial date 29/12/1643) Prosecutor
Neill,Jon  (trial date 26/3/1631) Prosecutor
Nisbet,Alisone  (trial date 25/7/1632) Prosecutor
Oswald,Katharine  (trial date 11/11/ 1629) Prosecutor
Young,Isobell  (trial date 4/2/1629) Prosecutor