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Survey of Scottish Witchcraft
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Woodcut of a witch trial

John Kincaid

Personal details

Last nameKincaid
First nameJohn
NotesInvolved in cases in 1649 and 1659-61. Not the same as LA/1125.

Cases involved in

Case Involvement
Cochrane,Barbara 27/4/1659 Investigator
Cranstoun,Cristian 28/4/1659 Investigator
Fergussone,Issobell 3/8/1661 Witch-pricker
Graham,Elspet 3/8/1661 Witch-pricker
Guild,Mareone 27/4/1659 Investigator
Halieburton,Manie 2/7/1649 Witch-pricker
Huntar,Kathrin 18/9/1661 Witch-pricker
Inglis,Marion 9/9/1649 Witch-pricker
Leslie,Beatrix 3/8/1661 Witch-pricker
Moffat,Bessie 18/9/1661 Witch-pricker
Mortoun,Bessie 18/12/1649 Witch-pricker
Paistoun,Janet 10/9/1661 Witch-pricker
Simbeard,Helen 3/5/1659 Investigator
Thomson,Jonet 27/11/1660 Investigator
Walker,Catharin 27/6/1650 Investigator
Watsone,Patrik 2/7/1649 Witch-pricker
Wilsone,Christiane 3/8/1661 Witch-pricker