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Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database

Survey of Scottish Witchcraft
Scottish History, School of History and Classics, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

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People Associated with Cases or Trials

Personal Details

This results report shows you information about people involved in witchcraft investigation and trial. These people are sometimes referred to as 'witch-hunters', although many of them were simply doing their job as justice officials or ministers. The information in this section was entered as it was spelled in the primary document and it has not been standardised. Thus, it potentially contains many different spellings for people's first and last names and for their places of residence. Likewise, the same person may be entered under a variant spelling of his or her name. It is hoped that the work of standardising this information will be completed at a later date.

Cases Involved in

We have provided a clickable list of all the accused witches in whose cases this person was involved, indicating the type of involvement.