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Survey of Scottish Witchcraft
Scottish History, School of History and Classics, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

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Interactive Graphs

This graph allows you to display witchcraft cases by year while also displaying the characterisation (cultural motifs, and witchcraft belief themes). You can also choose to show all of Scotland or look at different characterisations by county. Additionally you can compare a characterisation across two counties. But remember you cannot compare one county with 'All Scotland'.

Characterisation: a fixed list of important cultural elements and social relationships found in witchcraft documents that can be displayed in this graph. The full list of possible characterisations was defined by the Survey team, and can be found in the drop-down list on the graph form. See the Glossary for definitions of these fixed characterisations. Cases that have no cultural information whatsoever are not included in this graph.

Select characterisation (default is any):
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You can only compare one county with another, not with All Scotland