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Woodcut of a witch trial

Jean Weir (6/4/1670)

Case details

The accused Weir, Jean
End date6/4/1670
Characterisation Consulting a known witch
Notes on characterisationI think she was investigated for the witchcraft, consulting and fairy contacts after the charge of incest was made public.
Notes on caseLinked with the incest, bestiality and adultery charges launched at her brother. He was convicted and executed. But I found no mention of witchcraft in his trial transcript in JC2/13 f. 8v-9v.

Trials associated with this case

Weir,Jean (trial date 6/4/1670) Central trial

Qualitative information

Non-natural beings

NotesShe did not meet the devil as such, but dealt with a 'woman' described as most likely a spirit who was 'evidently the devil or a sorcerer'.

Appearance of Non-natural beings

Type of beingNotes
Female Fairyqueen of fairy
Spiritas a woman

Demonic pact

Type of pactNotes
Anti-baptismthis was implied by the prosecution
Head and footfoot on a cloth on the floor

Witches' Meetings

Folk Culture

Specific verbal formulaeYes
Specific ritual actsYes
Folk NotesThe spirit woman offered to go to the queen of fairy to get help for Jean. After receiving help from the woman who went to talk to the queen of fairy Jean was spinning and found a lot of money.

Elf/fairy elements

Queen of Fairy

Ritual objects



Other charges



High Court Process Notes JC2/13 ff. 9v-12v