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Woodcut of a witch trial

Thomas Weir (1670)

Case details

The accused Weir, Thomas
End date1670
Notes on characterisationHe was not accused of witchcraft at his High Court trial, but commentators after his death described him as a witch.
Notes on caseHave not found evidence that he was actually tried for witchcraft. He seems to have been tried for incest, adultery and beastiality. His sister was tried for withcraft, however. Larner has transcribed a description of his life and death from The Fraser Manuscript, p. 307-312 in the National Library of Scotland, called 'a Collection of Providential Passages Antient and Modern Forreign and Domestick', dated 1670. He is described as a warlock in this document - and there are vivid descriptions of his arrest and strange happenings with his possessions (his staff and two clouts that made dancing rings when burned).

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