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Woodcut of a witch trial

Annabell Stewart (4/4/1677)

Case details

The accused Stewart, Annabell
Start date9/1/1677
End date4/4/1677
Characterisation Demonic
Notes on characterisationDemonic pact and malefice included in accusation. Most important accusation was involvement in the attempted murder of Maxwell of Pollock. The whole group seems to have had a problem with Maxwell, their landlord, could be that they were doing something in protest.

People involved in case

Name Involvement in case Notes
John Anderson Commissioner
John Baird Confession Witness
James Brisbane Commissioner witnessed confession
Allan Dougall Confession Witness
Patrick Houstoun Commissioner witnessed confession
John Paton Confession Witness was servant to Maxwell of Pollok
Lawrence Pollock Confession Witness was servant to Maxwell of Pollok
John Preston Commissioner witnessed confession
Andrew Reid Confession Witness was servant to Maxwell of Pollok
John Shaw Commissioner
John Stevenson Confession Witness
John Wallace Confession Witness
James Wallace Confession Witness

Trials associated with this case

Stewart,Annabell (trial date 14/2/1677) Mixed central/local

Qualitative information

Non-natural beings

NotesShe confessed that she joined the Devil at the last harvest. Devil described as a black man, with a bluish band, white hand cuffs, and hogers (leg coverings) with no shoes, and with cloven fee. His name was Ejuall. His voice was described as 'hough and goushe'.

Appearance of Non-natural beings

Type of beingNotes
Maleblack man in black clothes

Demonic pact

Type of pactNotes
Devil's Mark
Head and foot
New nameEuoppa (?Anipper)
SexDevil was cold
Want nothing

Witches' Meetings

Witches' meetingYes
Devil presentYes
NotesThere were two meetings described in confessions of this group to destroy Maxwell of Pollock. The first in 10/1676, the second on 4/1/1677. Both involved image magic. Annabell also mentioned 2 nameless Highland woman, who also attended the meeting on 4/1/1677, in one of her confessions.

Witches' Meeting Place

Place Location
her brother's House
her mother's House

Folk Culture

Specific verbal formulaeYes
Specific ritual actsYes
Sympathetic magicYes
Folk NotesAccused of attempted murder by roasting wax/clay figures in a fire and inserting pins. She claimed that Bessie Weir turned the image on the spit and chanted 'Sir George Maxwell, Sir George Maxwell' which they all repeated. She also gave the names that the Black man had called the others. The images were supposedly found in her mother's house and her brother's house. She supposedly joined the devil at harvest time.

Elf/fairy elements


Ritual objects

Wax/clay images

Calendar customs



Human illnessYes

Other charges



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