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Woodcut of a witch trial

Robert Erskine (1/12/1613)

Case details

The accused Erskine, Robert
Start date30/10/1613
End date1/12/1613
Characterisation Consulting a known witch
Political motive
Property motive
Notes on characterisationHe and his sisters were accused of killing their nephews in order to inherent his dead elder brother's land and title of Laird of Dun. They hired a witch.

People involved in case

Name Involvement in case Notes
John Erskine Commissioner

Trials associated with this case

Erskine,Robert (trial date 1/12/1613) Mixed central/local

Qualitative information

Witches' Meetings

Folk Culture

Folk NotesHe used poison obtained by his sisters from a witch to poison his nephews.


Human illnessYes
Human deathYes

Other charges



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