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Woodcut of a witch trial

Mary Cunningham (4/2/1645)

Case details

The accused Cunningham, Mary
Start date6/8/1644
End date4/2/1645
Characterisation Implicated by another witch
Not enough information
Notes on characterisationShe and her daughter were denounced by a witch.
Notes on caseShe was tried twice, first in Culross but was found not proven, so the commissioners asked her to be retried by the lord advocate arguing that the procurator fiscal (local judge) did not have any legal expertise and was not equipped for the trial. The lord advocate agreed. The bailies harrased her defence advocate and others who stood up for her. She claimed that the bailies possessed their lands and yards. It appears that the Privy Council granted her and her daughter's request of 6/8/1644 for release from prison and investigation of the conduct of the bailies.

People involved in case

Name Involvement in case Notes
Robert Colville Commissioner
Alexander Colville Commissioner
James Kennowie Investigator
Archibald Mercer Commissioner

Trials associated with this case

Cunningham,Mary (trial date 28/8/1644) Local trial

Qualitative information

Witches' Meetings

Folk Culture


Other charges



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